Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring sprung sprong!

You guys!  We've got a garden!

The heavy hand of winter is receding and the sun is filling in the shady spaces it has left.  We've had a lot of rain lately but this weekend the skies were blue and the sun was radiant.  Suddenly, things are flowering, blooming, leafing.  Where there was dirt there is greenery, where there were branches there are buds, where there was crappy lawn there is less crappy lawn!

The garden we planted in the late fall at my parents' place has started to take off in earnest and we've started to enjoy the fruits (vegetables) of our labor.  The first harvestable crop was lettuce: bunches of arugula and butter lettuce only just breaking out of their spicy late winter malaise, but now there's this: 

Suddenly we have more radishes than we quite know what to do with.  Rad ass radishes, yo!

I apologize, it's exciting.
Soon, we'll have beets and spinach, tall stalks of brussels sprouts, baskets of stockton red onions and fresh heads of garlic.  Not to mention all the cat plants that have started to produce fruit.  Note, you have to pick these early or they turn into lions and crap and then it's like illegal to eat them.

Congratulations,California, you made it through your two and a half months of temperate winter unscathed.

Meanwhile, back in Ithaca, snowicanes!


Alex Solla said...

Okay, I can accept that you HAD to move away from Ithaca... but did you have to flaunt the fact that Spring actually comes to CA in March? That's just mean. We still have over a foot of dense snow in our yard. We wont even see daffodils for at least another month and a half. By then you all will be experiencing high summer. Wow.

nancy said...

I'm with Alex. Quit rubbin' it in.

And we can't seem to grow those cat plants that big here... is it 'cuz you have more sun?

justin said...

Nancy: It is because we have more sun, actually. The cats get enormous here, it's like a fantasy land.

Alex: Dude, you have no idea how right you are. By the end of April beginning of May, it might be over a hundred here. It happens. Frequently.